Carib Basin Food Sales Inc


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Companies We Represent


Premier Proteins

American Kobe + Grass-fed Angus beef, Berkshire Pork
All cuts plus Koge patties + hot dogs Sliced, Block,

LA Foods

Shred Mozz, other processing cheese,
and deli meats. Food Service and Retail.

Pacific Coast Producers

A farmer-owned cannery of fruit and tomato products since 1971. Retail, Food Service, Organic, Portion Fruits.

Classic Pizza Crusts, Inc.

Cheese Pizzas, Pizza Crusts, and Pizza Dough.

Serafino Imports

Olive Oil - Blended Oils- Vinegar
Imported and Domestic

Sun Pacific Products

Tomato Products from California, Fruit Juice Concentrate, Fruit Purees, Garlic Products, & Oils

Mama Foods - Dominican Republic

Coconut Milk & Cream, Nectars, Juices
Canned Beans, Jams and Jellies

Highland Wholesale Foods

Food Service and Retail.
Tomatoes, Fruits, and Vegetables